Sunday, May 4

Indian Masala

Village Parents' Dinner
a bed of short grain brown rice, topped in a 2 tomato/1 red onion/2 cloves of garlic/2 large thumbs (grated) ginger, 1 head of kale, Indian Masala tofu stew, steamed in curry paste, dressed with hemp seeds and a drizzle of hemp oil

Village Children's Snack Buffet
cucumber coins and red pepper sticks -- they were not interested in eating, they were too busy playing farm

Sunday Morning Breakfast
4 bananas banana bread

Feeling grouchy today...please send me some happy food stories.


amy t sharp said...

ginanormous organic greens on sale- dressed with goats cheese, red onion, tomato, seedless cukes, and homemade balsmaic dressing- with pizza with gorgonzola, bacon, garlic, oh my god so good. Chin Up.

village mama said...

Just ate a huge dinner, but you describe a delicious salad I WANT NOW; and you know I'm a pizza addict, no recovery in sight. Gorgonzola makes the world a better place, n'est pas?!

Natalie said...

Good grief... I am trying to catch-up with posts I missed, but I find my tummy groaning and my eyes lingering on banana bread and veggie goodness.
What's for breakfast? my thoughts wander.... tee hee