Monday, May 5

Urban Fare

Village Family Farm Snacks
Ontario apples, oatmeal chocolate chips from farm's kitchen

Papa and Mama's Dinner
Leftovers married with a fresh pot of stew: 2 large white onions + few cloves of garlic + small thumb grated garlic + 3 zucchini + 2 ish tblsp tamari + *PLUS* Village Papa added chili spiked pesto he'd made. One would think that curried leftovers + tamari + pesto would work, but, it was actually deliciously tasty, alive with fresh flavours.

Village Children's Dinner
Village Daughter had a full bowl of leftover soup
Village Son nibbled on some pear slices, refused/pushed away his bowl of soup and asked to go to bed. He was upset because the Shop at the Farm closed early which meant he could not buy a couple farm animals he needs for his farm :-(

This week's making goals: seasonal fruit crumble, apple pie, wild rice pasta lasagna, and YOU?


Mystele said...

just wanted to let you know that even though i'm not commenting a lot, i am enjoying your blog and your goals. i'll be reviewing your ideas and implementing some. i love the authentic style of your posts, too. no staging. very cool.

village mama said...

Mystele, you are so lovely, thank you for such a loving comment, I am grateful for your support.

Jamie said...

Well last night I made White Chili, made with white beans, green chilies, onions, and various spices, with guacamole and tortilla chips. We also had some sliced up strawberries. Today, jake was home all day with the kids and he fed them. All I know is when I came home there were peas and orange pasta all over the floor. I'm thinking it was Mac n Cheese with peas.

Shawn said...

I made bread Sunday! Oh, and pumpkin/shroom risotto ... while the kiddos played in the yard with daddy.

Have a Yummy week.

amy t sharp said...

We had chicken breast with honey/ginger/garlic and potatoes...
small salad and coke :)