Monday, May 12

muffin marathon: one foot in front of the other

Don't know the short form for 'lunch + dinner', 'linner'? Well, that's what we had yesterday to celebrate mother's day, except it was on the new bbq! The vegetarians had veggie dogs & burgers, the meat eaters meat dogs & burgers. Good eatin' for sure!

Today's tweaking includes:

- 1/One Banana-Banana Bread; will use maple syrup + stevia + carob powder.

- Will bbq pizza for the first time in my life!

- Will continue my marathon muffin (lesson in patience) because truth be told: in 20+ years of baking I have yet to bake a batch of muffins I'm completely happy with.

What's on your baking/cooking/experimenting with food to do's?


amy t sharp said...

love it
we had chicken with garlic/brown rice/ homemade bread and corn!!!!

Jamie said...

Last night on Sunday we had leftovers. Italian pasta salad, fruit, etc.

Tonight we had sandwiches with fresh fruit.

At Bajio jake had a chicken and green chile stuffed quesadilla. I had a lime chicken and sweet rice chimichanga, with rice and refried beans on the side. MMMMMMmmmmm!

village mama said...

Amy & Jamie, thanks for sharing all the yummy details. You are great contributors to the homemade revolution!