Saturday, May 17

our daily bread

my breakfast: cheddar cheese sandwich & coffee

my lunch: old cheddar cheese + hummus + lettuce + tomato sandwich

Friday's Pizza Night! Village Papa's spelt BBQ pizza (toppings include leftover grilled veggies)

Friday's Pizza Night! kids' BBQ pizza

This coming week some of our favourite farmers' markets roll into town! And, our local paper confirms a new farmers market will begin June 5!

I feel empowered when we purchase Ontario fruits and vegetables at their peak from the farmers themselves. I am so excited to experience the market with both of the kids; last year only one walked, this year both do.

Thank you dear Jamie, Claudia, Amy, Natalie and cafe mama (currently on a car diet!) for sharing what you are grateful for/leaving a nice comment on my corn on the cob pic.


Natalie said...

I brought home some corn, and now... now you have me craving some hummus on toast! Mmmmmmyum hummus.

Stephanie said...

I have totally bailed on this and am sorry. Just too busy to keep track but we have still been trying to eat at home most meals.

But ours aren't as lovely as yours! :)

village mama said...

Stephanie, great to have you back.

Natalie, I know, hummus is just one of those permanently craveable yummy things.