Friday, May 16

Thank You Points

The horrific death tolls around the world sadden me. I wonder/question the heaven's above what did I do to deserve such a wonderful life.

I'm so grateful for the abundance of health, love and delicious food at our table. Village Papa works so hard for us. Every morning when he leaves he says 'have a fun day'!

Dear Blog Pals,
Thank you for embracing the homemade food revolution contest. I'm inspired by those of you who share your food stories with me.

You will get three extra 'thank you points' if you leave a comment about something you are thankful for.



Jamie said...

Okay. Playing catch up.
Tuesday-more leftovers. Italian pasta, fruit, vegies

Wednesday-taco salad

Thursday-watermelon, grilled cheese, chocolate milk

Today- more watermelon, salad, and sandwiches

I am thankful for my health and safety. I feel lucky to have not ever had any major health problems and that I've been kept safe first by my loving parents and siblings and second by my loving husband. I am always heartbroken over children especially that are always in unhealthy, dangerous, and abusive environments.

Claudia said...

I am thankful for my husband's strong arms and broad chest, and for his unwavering love and dedication to me and our children.

I am thankful for my friends, and their ability to understand my ups and downs and not judge me for them, but instead embrace them as part of who I am.

I am thankful for wine. Just because. :)

amy t sharp said...

thankful for you
out tonight- we are naughty

Natalie said...

Easy: I am thankful for that mouthwatering image of roasted corn on the cob. I am blessed, because I know and love the delicious flavor of fresh, roasted corn. I stopped everything I was doing to listen to one NPR account of a family searching for their 2 year old son and his grandparents. The search took them 9 excruciating hours. The audio was devastating, even in a language I cannot understand, I perfectly understood the mother's voice: The hopeful and fearful voice, the pleading voice, the wrenched and shattered voice. I was absorbed and grieved with them, and realized that this is happening 50,000 x in China alone. The world is aching, and I thank God for my blessings. It reminds me to make the most of what I have today.

blissbelly said...

I am grateful that we live in interesting times.
I am grateful for the beauty, hope, and delight of small children and the grandparents who adore them.
I am grateful that we have enough...of everything.
Thank you...

village mama said...

Thank you dear ladies for sharing all your gratitude. We are all very blessed.