Thursday, May 1

Village People's Wallet Ramblings

Yesterday's adventure included a streetcar-subway-another streetcar-and a bus ride (one toddler walking, the other in a compact stroller); loads of walking; a ROM visit; then a quick indulgent shop at Whole Foods. By 3pm I felt like I'd run a marathon, and there was another one to run since Village Papa was not coming home early. My self talk was non-stop justification as why I deserved to order a pizza or take the kids to Mohti Mahal.

Yet again, my wallet shouted: but you've done so well today**! And, since I pride myself on being a good listener, I listened, and thus we had a kick ass-fun-homemade-homebased dinner.

Here's what we feasted on (in brackets, ingredients in the house):

*one cheeseless pizza for the kids, one cheese and pesto pizza for me (flour, yeast, sea salt, week old homemade sauce, olive oil, pesto sauce, and two week old-wilting yet still edible red onions)

*fresh strawberries

*juice to them/ dirty water to me (very diluted combo of juices)

*two different types of drinkable yogurts (yop & happy planet)

*ice cream
(frozen strawberry banana yogurt) showered in three different types of sprinkles

**The day's expenses: $44.54

Lunch $9.14 (2 fries, one !DELICIOUS! Cream of Asparagus soup; we always take our own milk, juice, water and all snacks galore; I lust after coffee but always wait until I get home)

Whole Foods $29.50 (raisins, drinkable yogurts, 1L olive oil, strawberries, bananas)

Public Transportation $5.90

PS Happy May to all you happy homemakers! In order to help motivate one another, I'm holding a month long 'abstain from take out month'. For the next 31 days I dare you to
fight off the order out monster, and make all your meals at home. I will post every day, and you will comment every day with your successes. On June 1 I will pick a winner.

PRIZE: a copy of Juice for Life, one of my favourite created in Toronto cookbooks; and it's got more than just juice recipes


amy t sharp said...

OK I will try! I also made pesto pizza last night!

Stephanie said...

Well, darn it. I had an iced coffee today. (I am not so good at waiting.) :)

We have cut way back in this area, though, and it's felt good. It will be fun to hear how you do every day.

amy t sharp said...

I also already messed up- blame Joe!
Can I get back on the wagon?

village mama said...

Amy, no worries dudette, climb back onboard. XO

Jamie said...

Those strawberries look SO GOOD!!

village mama said...

Jamie, I wrestled myself away, constantly, because it's something BOTH kids love.