Tuesday, October 14

double-crust apple pie, a poem

we picked apples at Avalon Orchard
watched wasps dancing in rotting appley flesh

the next morning we awoke and took on a challenge:
bake 'double-crust apple pie' - we baked two!

we served our homebaked love for dessert
the family awed and oozed with adoration for the kid bakers
their Cuban uncle amazed that apples bake 'inside' the pie!

I am 38 and a half, I'm a baker, cook, and lover of apples, yet I was
an apple pie virgin, yep, never ever baked one in my whole life,
it two young assistants, the loves of my life to help me finally bake apple pie, from scratch.

(the recipe, pg 152, Nov '08 issue of Food & Wine is delightfully easy if you are baking with a 2 and a 4 year old by your side. fun times!)

ps the photo was taken Aug 21 of this year, one of the happiest days of my life, thought I'd share a snapshot

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