Sunday, January 18

baking resolutions

* always triple the recipe for cookies and muffins (bake 2/3, leave other 1/3 in fridge)
* don't feel guilty when I don't include the kids
* from this day forward, a-l-w-a-y-s buy the largest bag of flour (next Christmas Eve I will not run out of flour!)
* buy more of these wonderful natural baking cups
* wear my apron
* sew myself a pretty new apron
* will not put off baking projects/gifts until the night before
* bake my sister and her husband a chocolate cake for their 1st year wedding anniversary
* bake my sister an Irish cream cream cheesecake for her birthday
* for their birthdays bake Village Papa and Village kids the same vanilla cake I baked for Village son because they are still talking about how yummy it was
* bake carrot muffins way more often, I love them, they make me happy, even if no one else eats them I'll allow myself to indulge, cream cheese frosting and all
* bake carrot muffins today, by myself, one dozen to take to the skating pond lunch party we're invited to, the other dozen for me

Happy Sunday you baking divas and divos. xo


Lori said...

i have also resolved to wear my apron .. it really does keep my clothes cleaner and drier!! but the other day i forgot i had it on and went to pick up my sister. no one rocks the apron + short parka look better than me! :^P

village mama said...

Apron + short parka is so fabulously- functional-foodie-fashionista :-)

LaraB said...

Yum, you are making me hungry.. you should post your recipe for Carrot Muffins.. AND frosting too =)

village mama said...

Hi Lara, welcome! I promise to post the muffin recipe. The cream cheese frosting is: one block of cream chees + 1/3 cup (more or less) icing sugar + generous splash of PURE vanilla extract. Yum. Come on over, there' some in our fridge.

Poppy and Mei said...

"...the other dozen for me."

& me! Mmmmmmmmm...XXxx

( & Lori? That's TOTALLY "the look" in Japan!) XXxx

village mama said...

Putting this list out to the world has helped, already. I've baked 4 dozen carrot muffins to date, and worn my apron constantly. Maybe I'm just wanting to end up looking like funky Lori ;-)