Wednesday, January 14

the good life

A new year symbolizes a fresh start. What are you doing, planning to start doing to make it a great year?


Jamie said...

You went to Cuba!!?? I want to hear all about that. It looks like it was so beautiful. I would do anything for tropical weather right now.

I've been making lots of changes in my life. Probably having to do with the chaos of having 3 little ones, but I plan everyday. Not that I'm not spontaneous, but the night before, I plan out everything that I have to do throughout the day and write it down. (the OCD in me writes it all out every 1/2 hour starting with 7am ending at 7 pm). After I've filled in what has to happen that day, then I fill in all the fun stuff. Activities with the kids, me time, fun places to go, fun snacks and food to make, etc. I feel a lot less stressed because I know exactly what is supposed to happen. If the kids start getting antsy, I can look at my schedule and say, "hey! In just a couple of minuted we are going to go outside!" or whatever it is. I've also made a list of backup activities if something doesn't work out. Maybe this all sounds a little too meticulous, but I am functioning now! (you should've seen me a few weeks ago. . . )

I want to hear all about Cuba and what you are doing or starting this year to make it a good year.

village mama said...

I promise more pics and words about Cuba when I'm feeling less culture shock. I've been there seven times, but the time warp + political climate always leave me a little frazzled.

The only concrete change is that instead of 'thinking over activities and goals', I'm just going to DO/ACT right away. Plus, I want to laugh more and swim more.

I hear you about plans/lists, to be honest, I'm a to-do list addict, checking stuff off makes me giddy.

Poppy and Mei said...

& Cuba. Let's dance! XXxx

village mama said...

All four of us were perched on a step, right outside the mercado (mini market), just hanging out while the kids sucked back some guava juice. A Cuban guide rode up, parked his bike and asked us to keep an eye on it. Thus, I seized the opportunity to take some close up shots.

Poppy and Mei said...

Oooooo, great story! XXxx