Friday, February 13


I baked myself a vanilla cake, and the kids helped make the icing; decoration was FULLY their domain. It was a large cake, so village son frosted and decorated my cake, village daughter frosted and decorated their abuela's cake (see above picture from this morning's fiesta).

It was a fantastic day.
Think what you want,
but me, I think 39 is sexy.
Being in a state of birthdayness is awesome. Helps to be surrounded by an awesome family (super sexy husband included!) and phenomenal friends, especially ones who drop off beautifully handcrafted cards and a succulent looking box of chocolate, that I am yet to open, because you know what happens when most women open a box of chocolates (Mama M, you really need a blog so I can leave lots of comment love there too); and ones who drop off peanut butter & Hershey's kisses cookies. Plus, this morning I read so many sweet wishes on my wall, from so many darling people some new in my life, some whom I've known almost 30 years. Enough about moi.

The winner is: Mama J. Congratulations! Everyone please email me your snail mail, everyone gets a prize, because in my world everyone is a winner. Happy Weekend!xoxo


Jamie said...

Happy 39th! That vanilla cake looks yummy-decorations and all.

Haha! I saw that Mama J won and I thought, "bummer. not me". then I clicked on it and it was me! I'm mama J. :)

Awesome. now I will have to email you my address.

Happy Birthday again, and Happy Valentine's as well.

Lori said...

happy birthday!! :^)

39 is awesome - i'm 43 and i can tell you it only gets better! :^D

village mama said...

Congrats on the win Mama J, and thank you so much for the birthday wishes.

Lori, thanks so much for the birthday wishes - and for the inspiration that it only gets 'better'! 43 is the new sweet 16 right!!xo

tara said...

Hay Birthday. I just turned 37 and love it. I am happier and, I think, look better than I was at any other age. How lucky are we?

village mama said...

Thanks Tara! I can't agree more, I'm happier, luckier and yes, look 'better', aw what the heck, we're sexier too!! xo

Kaylovesvintage said...

Happy birthday, love your cake( my birthday is next friday so I'm hoping for a cake,lol)

Stephanie said...

happy belated birthday!! :)

village mama said...

Thanks so very much Kay and Stephanie. There is no better gift than a homemade cake; hoping you get one Kay.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday (belated.)
I gotta make a list of blogs to check apart from the ones that appear on Google Reader... I am missing some favorite bloggers' posts, because they do not show up.
I am sorry I have not been around.

village mama said...

Gracias Natalie. xo. No need to apologize at a-l-l. xo. Happy Weekend.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

and I missed yr birthday. I am scum. I am singing to you right now.