Wednesday, February 11

Easy Scones

On Sunday we wandered around The Distillery. We stopped by chocolate heaven, Soma, for a little something, but I was unable to decide which delight to feast on. I wanted the douglas fir truffle, but I'm one of those people who can't really enjoy something unless I can share, so we went to Brick Street Bakery and ate delightful veggie sandwiches, oatmeal choc chip cookies and a six pack of assorted tarts. With a full tummy we returned to Soma; Mama and Papa shared a Mayan hot chocolate, and Mama, Papa and eldest child split a traditional hot chocolate.

Yes I was happy, but, I was leaving without getting my usual: a scone from Balzac's [which is actually baked by Brick Street Bakery]. So I went home determined to bake scones first thing Sunday morning.

First thing Sunday morning I baked my first ever batch of scones; half the batter with chocolate chips, the other half of the batter with currants and apricots. I know they were good because Village Papa is still talking about them. This morning I baked more, this time added vanilla chocolate chips to the batter. MMMMMMMM.

Now I'm off to bake myself an extra vanilla white chocolate cake. Hopefully I'll post a picture tomorrow, along with the name of the contest winner.

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Jamie said...

I grew up calling fry bread scones for some reason. In fact, a lot of people in the western US call fry bread scones. Now I call both scones. . .

These look delicious! I love white chocolate. Some of the best cookies I ever ate were white chip and dried cherry cookies.