Wednesday, February 18


I feel like I need to clarify/confess/dish the dirt on me:
I am not a happy-go-lucky-cute-flour-on-the-tip-of-my-nose type
I am often grumpy,
and often,
what I bake and cook does not work out like I was planning it would.
I can be a control freak,
somedays I growl more than I laugh.
This confession comes after coming across a couple new blogs yesterday which made me wonder, 'do these people really live like this, all stylized and clean and fashionable and glossy-magazine-ish', but the reality is, is that I only saw a .00001% view of them, and their life, and it made me wonder'how do people see me'.
Somedays there is no cooking or baking going on over here, there is just life, unfolding along with heaps of laundry and kids spilling drinks and whining and me feeling like everything I do is wrong. So,what I do DO every s-i-n-g-l-e day, for myself, for my kids, for my husband, for family and friends is try and find specialness. It could be the joy/rush from finally making a trip to a bakery I've walked past a million times, or getting a chance to chat with one of our favourite librarians, buying a new type of sea salt from the Greek meat shop that I've been meaning to buy for nearly five years, or, playing around with a recipe for the millionth time so that it's perfect for my book.
Our kitchen is often a mess; sometimes the unbalanced-greasy-sticky-play doughy chaos feels like I'm drowning, sometimes I am enraptured by the in-the-moment-construction site feel, tools and ingredients everywhere - helps big time when there's gorgeous yellow tulips radiating gorgeousness (see above).

So, I hope you will share some of your specialness with me. Happy Hump Day ;-)


tara said...

I totally agree. It used to get me down. Question my life. And then I said **** it and posted pics of my kitchen counter and playroom. I call it keepin it real and vow to keep posting real pictures. Rock on!

village mama said...

Thanks for the thumbs up Tara :-)
'Rock on' indeed!!

Montessori Mama said...

I agree, I keep comparing myself to other blogs out there and feeling like there is no-way to measure up. But you are right, it's not about showing off, it's about sharing. And honestly and a peek into the real life of someone else.
There is not a thing PERFECT about me, least of all my kitchen! Oh my goodness I wish you could see it right now. We live in a very small trailer in the woods. Three kids, two cats and me and my hunny. It's cluttered and often a MESS but it's home.
You wonder what people see when they view your blog? Well, I don't know what other people see, but I see a dedicated mom, a lover of food and someone I wish lived right around the corner from me so we could hang out.
Big hugs to you,

Jamie said...

I am inspired by many magazine-ish looking mom blogs out there, but at the same time, they make me feel less than adequate and a bit jealous after viewing their seemingly "perfect" lives!

I think that most moms struggle with comparing themselves with other moms. It's hard not to when you are wanting to give your kids the best. Now it's even harder to not feel inadequate when access to others' "perfect" lives is at the touch of a button. Those are like Martha Stewart blogs. Those serve their purpose, I suppose, but I get the feeling that the majority of mommy bloggers out there are looking for a way to relate or connect with other moms.

This was a great post. To get more dirt on you and to discover that you aren't butterflies and sunshine all the time. :)

I have to say my specialness is probably when we have a family moment where we are all laying on my bed playing with the baby and laughing and playing. That relieves a lot of stress for me and makes me feel, even if it's just temporary, that everything is alright with the world.

Jamie said...

Oh, and another swap would be great! I was thinking about that recently myself, so I'm glad to do it. I already have a bunch of ideas. We'll talk more about it later, but June 1st-ish sounds like a good deadline.

Natalie said...

My specialness is You... sharing the whole You, because it helps me accept the good, the hard and the unsightly!
We carry on.

Laura at Wild Parenting said...

I see you as mama-with-the-most, ready to tackle anything with the right mix of warmth, ingenuity, and humor. xo

village mama said...

Laura, I know you are sick right now, cough, coughing, and yet you give me a slice of sunshine. Thanks so much. xo