Friday, March 6

postcard to myself

Dear S,
On those days when you want to rip the front door of its hinges and y-e-l-l
'I need a second to myself'; on those days when you need a reminder slap in the veins about how good your life is, remember this moment:

you were in Cuba for the second time in less than nine weeks (9th time in your life), you were sitting outside, reading a pizza menu, waiting for beers and juices, the kids were adorable in their shorts and rain coats (it was tropically windy), your gorgeous husband was sitting to your right; there were no dishes to be done, no laundry to be hung, abundance of beautiful family time.

Put this moment in your back pocket, and carry it with you AT ALL TIMES, next to the other moments you treasure. Be nothing short of grateful, constantly. xo


Natalie said...

Hola Bonita!
I understand the stress moments, as well as the blessed moments. Our blessings, thankfully, outweigh the rest. And thank goodness we know the difference.
Mas fotos, por favor.

village mama said...

Thanks for the solidarity Natalie. xo
Mas fotos later today. xo

Angel said...

I love this!
I think I will take the time to write myself a postcard...and post it on the fridge like I do the ones I get from my Nana.
Thanks Susana!

village mama said...

You are so welcome Angel. Hope you'll share yours too.