Thursday, February 5

wealthy women

Here are the kids eating a snack, yes, outside.
I won't lie, it's *%@#$%*++??!!!!! cold!!!!!!!
but, they too want to go out for walks and get 'fresh air'.
Despite the cold, it's been an extra special week because we've played and dined and caught up and met new-nice friends.

Thanks Mama M for you fantastic eggplant, thanks Mama K for inviting us to your special mama's group, thanks Mama A for having a latte with me today, and thanks to all of you for spending some time here. I'm a wealthy woman because of you! Leave me comment love and I'll put your name into next week's draw 5 times. xo


Poppy and Mei said...

Yay! Good times.
Well the breeze finally arrived here & it's DELICIOUS!
We can venture back outside too from tomorrow, can't wait! XXxx

Jamie said...

Sounds like you have great friends. Thank you for all your positive words and outlook on life. I stumbled upon wealth what 2 years ago through that cultural exchange blog. . . funny, huh?

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village mama said...

Delicious breeze in Australia, you lucky lady!

You're right Jamie, that cultural exchange blog brought us together, and I know you and I both are really grateful. xo

tara said...

You are braver than I to go outside. We are nested in here.