Tuesday, March 31

bird poetry

In the last seven days we've visited/hung out at three different library locations. My gratitude for Toronto's Public Library system is unmeasurable. First of all, the number of locations within walking distance from our front door is a testament to the richness and wealth that is the city of Toronto. Secondly, the plethora of well-loved but mostly newish materials is incredible. Third, but not least is the gorgeous architectural renaissance that has been experienced at some of the city's older branches.

One of the books that's stood our from last week's journeys is Wild Birds written by Joanne Ryder and illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas.
This book is a song, a poem, a celebration, an introduction, a reminder, an art installation devoted to the miracle of the seasons and its birds. We were enraptured in the story, we repeated the delicious rhymes, and devoured the look-and-find art work and devoured the fact that we were invited to mimic the birds' use of space. Honestly one of the best kids books I've ever read.

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