Monday, March 16

'y' is for yeast

Today we took the streetcar to and from my mom's house; it's 40 minutes one way, so there's always lots to see. On the way there we played a very simple alphabet game in which each of us picks a letter and then we all say as many words as we can with the chosen letter. One of the best letters we picked was 'b', so many words just whizzing by us: 'buildings', 'bank', 'barber', 'balloon', 'bridge', 'boots', 'backpack', 'brick', 'brown'...the letter 'y' didn't go over as well ;-)

Speaking of 'y', today I bought 4 packages of active dry yeast, a must-have in our cupboards. This week's menu includes pizza (possibly some baked on the bbq), no-knead bread and possibly some chocolate chip cookies.

What urban games are you and yours playing these days? What snacks are you packing? Would love to know what you are up to. xo


Lori said...

we’ve been making your pizza recipe once a week! :^)

village mama said...

So happy to hear the recipe worked out for you guys. Yay, to another family who loves pizza as much as we do.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

we make it too! Love it! I am a garlic nut job!!!! xoxoxo miss u