Wednesday, March 11

flour mill connections

I kept a consumption log for a 5kg bag ($6.99) of flour I opened on Feb 4th. Here's what got made:

Feb 4, 3 cups = 2 extra large pizzas
Feb 4, 4 cups = 6 doz choc chip cookies
Feb 8, 3 cups = 1 doz scones
Feb 10, 2.5 cups = 2 doz pancakes
Feb 10, 3 cups = 4 medium pizzas
Feb 11, 3 cups = 2 doz scones
Feb 11, 2 cups = 2 birthday cakes
Feb 15, 1 cup = 1 doz scones
Feb 21, 3 cups = 2 doz scones

I concluded that I need to buy larger bags of flour, and that I've got to source a cheaper option. I've been to Costco, devoured the Ontario Natural Food Coop's catalogue, price shopped at all the local discount supermarkets, asked friends for leads, called a bulk company and am now waiting for a wholesaler to call me back.

If any of you have any flour mill connections that you are willing to share, I'll prove my thanks in baking.

Do any of you keep consumption logs for items your family uses? What have you discovered?


tara said...

I really like logs and lists and such (pantry items, shopping lists). The closest I've come here in Idaho to local baking supplies is sugar. We have sugar beet fields and processing plants. Good luck finding the flour.

village mama said...

Hi Tara, yes, I love lists too. Do you buy directly from the sugar beet processing plant? I think my next consumption log will be for laundry detergent. I need luck to achieve my goal, so many thanks for your kindess.