Thursday, April 23

Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread, WOW!

Darling Mama K gave me the 'no knead bread' recipe months and months ago. She raved about how easy it is to make this bread, the kind of bread one who loves bread would pay big bucks to buy at a bakery. I kept putting it off because of the words '18 hours'. Sometimes I let the silliest things turn into crippling road blocks (once you make it I know you'll appreciate how I could have gotten, stuck).

Two nights ago, after a couple of glasses of delicious wine, as usual, instead of going to bed, I began a baking project, this time, 'no knead bread'. Today when I googled 'Jim Lahey bread' it became obvious that I live under a huge rock, or maybe the fact that I knew nothing about this baking phenomenon can be forgiven because I don't live in NYC...Enjoy this gorgeous bread making journey. xo

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