Thursday, May 14

fast pizza dough

My youngest sister is about to have a baby, yes, a-n-y minute now...and the crazy thing is I'm baking as much as I did while I waited for our kids to be born. Luckily Sunday was Mother's Day, so I had an excuse to marathon bake/cook.

At my place I baked 2 dozen chocolate chip scones, and cooked pizza sauce; then I packed up half my kitchen, and continued the dough frenzy at my sister's: made pizza dough x 2, brownies, scrubbed dishes, then came home and made quinoa salad (will post later this week) for our dinner.

I normally make our pizza dough with 'active dry yeast', but Sunday I was on a mission, time factors etc., so I used 'instant yeast'. Here's how:

- in my large stand mixer bowl I mixed 1 package (8g) of 'instant yeast', 1/4 tsp salt, 1.5 C unbleached flour, 1 tblsp olive oil, 3/4 cup water, mixed it all up with a wooden spoon, then finished the dirty by hand
- didn't have a rolling pin or enough space to roll out dough, so I hand pressed it out onto a greased pizza pan
- added garlicky homemade sauce and fried onions and sweet peppers
- baked at 450 for approximately 16/17 minutes

My mother's day gift was hearing my husband tell me that it was the BEST pizza I've made to date.

Happy Belated Mother's Day! xo


Lori said...

i made your pizza tonight!! :D

Stephanie said...

that looks so good. yum.

village mama said...

Lori, wild that you think of it as my pizza, I'm certain that you and your creative crew have already personalized it, big time. Do tell!

Thanks Stephanie!!