Thursday, May 14

Domino Foods Inc.

Next week I'll take you on a field trip to Domino Foods Inc. Photo essay will include my children gazing into fields and fields of bulk sweet stuff that their mama places STRICT limits on, instead she buys fancy pasta and cashes.

This place is dried & glazed fruit/roasted & raw nuts, spices, coffee & tea, all types of fancy assed flavoured salts paradise, and the staff is genuinely kind and welcoming. Oh and there's all this irresistible chocolate from all over the world...and rippled 'rosemary and thyme' chips from Italy...forget the spa, THIS place is bulk food heaven.

If you live in Toronto, or are planning a trip to our great city, stop by Domino Foods Inc. located on the lower level of St. Lawrence Market, 93 Front Street East, tel 416-366-2178.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

sounds awesome!!!!

craftymama said...

okay- i was just at the St Lawrence today doing my shopping and i have to say even though i don't want to- I hate shopping that way! The little shops, the many stops... i want to like it! i know it's the better way to shop, local, small business, etc, but i love getting it all done at No Frills. Sigh.

i saw your link a while back to the no-knead bread- must try it! thanks!

good to see another Toronto mama blogger!

village mama said...

hey craftymama! It's OK that you love No Frills - we couldn't live without our No Frills either.

It's so nice of you to comment - now I'm heading over to your blog :-)