Monday, February 22

Acts of Sweetness visit TDC!

Photo credit: Brian Gahan, Top Drawer Creative Inc.

The awesome Redpath Team, AKA @actsofsweetness visited us at the first of several professional photoshoots. They drove across the city in their adorable vehicle, brought joy, cookies and sugar! Please follow them on twitter, become of fan of theirs on facebook, and follow their tales on their exciting blog.

Here's the fruit of their labour, featuring yours truly and some of the great bakers: Youtube.

Thank you Acts of Sweetness for honouring us with a visit during such a critical step in our book's development!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for having us! We were so impressed with what you are doing. You should know that you are really inspiring people with this, showing us all what we can do to make a difference. If you know anyone else doing similar acts of sweetness definitely let us know so we can put them in our spotlight too!