Thursday, February 11


The three people who've made a huge difference in my life are Bob Proctor, Brian Gahan and Chris Brogan.

- - -

My father kept his copy of Think and Grow Rich on our living room table. It was his bible, and I think I first scanned/read it around the age of 8. To be honest, none of it made much sense, but I liked the gentle, inviting tone, like an older sibling teaching me wise things, just in another language I was yet to learn. The language I would one day learn from Bob Proctor.

- - -

On Feb 14, Brian Gahan will celebrate our 9th year wedding anniversary. Brian stands by my side, second by second; this planet can seem like a lonely place. Brian has eradicated loneliness from my life and infused it with love, support and laughter (the kind that makes you pee a bit). He's 'The Real Maccoy', and he's all ours (kids get a share of him too). xoxo

- - -

I first encountered Chris Brogan in a book I borrowed from the library. The book, Blogging for Dummies is a must-read, especially for people who think they know how to blog. I thought I knew how to blog, but one page into the book I realized blogging is not just about publishing a diary on the world wide web, it's about learning the language of technology and social responsibility and being of service to humanity.

- - -

On Saturday, June 7, 2008 I met Bob Proctor at a seminar near Toronto's airport. Everyone in the room was given the opportunity to meet Bob, I was one of the first few to speak with him. I told him the idea about my cookbook for kids, and he told me that it was 'a great idea' and he gave me a hand full of spin off ideas for the book. The seminar was free, the opportunity to speak with him was free, the lessons he shared were free. Bob Proctor has made my life more abundant by his mentorship. He is 'The Real Maccoy'. Thank you Sir Proctor.

- - -

On January 29, 2009 this is the email I sent Mr. Chris Brogan:

Dear Mr.Brogan,
You have taught me so much about community and social media, and good old fashioned courtesy, and most importantly, you have taught me how to believe in myself.
Sincerely, Susana Molinolo Toronto Canada

PS I prefer to hand write thank you notes, so if you would be willing to provide me with your mailing address I will write you, by hand, and send you the note by snail mail :-) Kindly, Susana Molinolo

Mr. Brogan wrote me back immediately. What he said is between him and I. Rest assured, he too is the 'The Real Maccoy'.

- - -
- - -

I want to win the #SOBCon2010 contest AKA #blogitearnit contest because I want to meet many more The Real Maccoys, like Mr.Proctor, Mr.Gahan, and Mr.Brogan.

It is important that we remember to celebrate how the people in our lives have made our lives easier, better, smarter, more productive, more meaningful. Thank you #SOBCon2010 for reminding me to give thanks & praise. xo

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