Sunday, August 6

8 limes for $1

It wasn't until '98, when we were in Cuba (filming our doc digame) that I learnt to appreciate the wonder of the lime. I'd always been one of those people who felt like I was being extravagant, and rather fancy when ordering soda water with lemon. I never really gave much notice to limes, which is weird, because I love the greeness of their skin. Then in Cuba limes kept popping up in mojitos and next to slivers of avocado. I started spending more time holding these tiny and very hard tiny orbs in my hands, and digging my fingers into their skin. Their oil was how shall I explain it, oakier, more serious. I became hooked on squeezing these little citric wonders into my water and over my salads.

Back in Toronto, while shopping in Kensington Market I noticed that at the height of importing lime season you could get as many as 8 limes for $1. So I started buying them over lemons. Now, there's nothing I like more than quenching my thirst, and the thirst of those I love with limeade. You can make this in a big pot, or a beautiful glass jug, or in your fave large glass or mug: add water, ice cubes, squeezed limes, and lime slices.

I made some for the neighbours' kids the other day, because they were helping my hubby do yard work. Since they're kids I put some brown sugar in theirs. I served it with some vegan homeade chocolate chips cookies. They lapped it all up! The oldest one asked if I had made everything. When I told him I had he didn't say it, but I could see it in his eyes that he was wowed. Finally he said 'it's all good, at the store everything is made with lots of chemicals'.

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