Tuesday, August 15

Unexpected Gifts

In last night's Front Door Organics delivery we received a complimentary loaf of freashly baked flax sandwich bread. There was a note in the produce box saying it was a sample, and to let them know if we would like to add this item to our upcoming order. Sure, it's advertising for the bakery, but I loved receiving it. Such a simple, yet bountiful unexpected gift.

On a daily basis how often do we get 'special' gifts? How often do we notice small beautiful gestures? That loaf of bread was the univere's way of showing me abundance. It was a great reminder of what a fortunate person I am.

If you squint really, really, VERY hard, you may even need to use your *may* see schools of dolphins swimming and one jumping dolphin. Taken on one of many beautiful ferry rides on last summer's BC vacation.


Urban Vegan said...

Saw the doplhins. Smell the fresh bread.

Vicki said...

great feeling to be reminded of how lucky you are! & looky at all that vive goodness below -- LOVE the double chocolate explosion! you are having a baby? when are you due? congrats! :o)