Wednesday, September 27


I baked my first ever loaf of corn bread, specifically Sweet Potato Corn Bread from How it all Vegan! I worried it would be dense, hard and dry - like so many corn breads out there. Instead I got a beautiful, golden, moist and most tasty bread to accompany our red lentil chowder. The gorgeous versatility of this loaf makes it ideal at any time of the day. Now go bake yourself some corny goodness!

PS if you won't be sharing your loaf with wee mouths try adding jalapeno peppers


Harmonia said...

I really like your blog! May I link you and visit often? I'm located at: - swing by and let me know when you have time.

Harmonia said...

I will link you today! Thanks! Thanks for your great comments, too! What a nice surprise! ;)

You should join us over at Veggin' Out! The link is in my last post on my blog!

bazu said...

Yum. Corn muffins, cornbread, cornmeal, I love it all! I sometimes stick some corn (fresh or frozen) in my cornbread too.

Vicki said...

here's a cookbook i don't have -- would you recommend it in addition to la dolce vegan? i love cornbread... and ALL things corny! jalapenos inside sounds really good.

re: maple syrup in bulk...what brand do you buy and where?

we get it @ costco. the maple syrup is 100% organic & pure, made by "Bernard & Sons" they have a website:

Village Mama said...

Vicki txs for the link to Bernards! No joke I'd love to order the 610lb metal drum. I adore HIAV! but, I don't own LDV so can't compare the two.

Bazu, good tip. Next time I'll definitely add fresh Ontario corn.