Friday, September 29

Product Lust

This Saturday's 649 jackpot is 24 million dollars. By nature I'm frugal, actually enjoy wearing the same clothes over and over, and aim for minimalism, but, like many daydreamers I keep a list of "treats" I dream of getting. One of them was a fancy-ass stand mixer, but, the love of my life gifted me with a sexy limited-edition pistachio coloured one last night! In pure Canadianese all I can say is: beautiful, eh!!!!! Now if only we had a Julia Child sized kitchen to store it in.

In case you're thinking that Vicki cured me of my obsession with baking cookies I'm sorry to say, but it's still a compulsion. Today instead of eating my lunch I baked a quadruple batch of Peanut Better Cookies from Vive Le Vegan!. My reasons are all heartfelt: I do it because I want my family to have delicious homemade food; I love how baking permeates the air in our home; and jr cookie monster loves to be part of the process (READ: whacking the stainless steel measuring cups against the counters).

This weekend I'll be busy editing Transitions, which is published by the Ontario Association of Triathletes. Since it's only distributed to members I'll let you in on three wonderful surprises: 1. Dreena Burton has given me permission to reprint her recipe for Peanut Better Cookies (Vive Le Vegan!); 2. Sarah Kramer has given me permission to reprint her recipe for Sweet Potato Corn Bread (How it All Vegan!); 3. A new column entitled 'OAT Family Tree' will feature work by Megan the Vegan, one of my favourite Toronto-based-OAT-member-food bloggers.

Happy cooking, baking and prepping for Canadian and American Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate it.


Urban Vegan said...

That pistachio mixer is da bomb.

And what's wrong with baking cookies? And more cookies? and more cookies?

Anonymous said...

What a great post...and a great honey you have. That is a beautiful gift. love the pistachio colour. You'll have to let us know how much to love the mixer, OK? I know a few people that have it (they drempt about it for years first too)...but I've never heard the story afterwards about how much they liked it. I used plain old hand held beaters and I often wonder if it is worth spending the money and giving up the space for one of those Kitchen Aid mixers.

Ohh....I love the sounds of the 2 recipes going into the next edition of Transitions. Honestly....seeing a vegan recipe in my first edition really blew me away! Keep it up! (and thanks for the nice compliment)!!

bazu said...

That is a beautiful mixer. The pistachio color has got to be one of the best I've seen. Make sure to tell us (and show us) what you've made with it- I just got a stand mixer and don't know where to start!

Vicki said...

yeah, yeah, yeah, all the right excuses in the world won't erase the fact that you made a QUADRUPLE batch of Peanut Better Cookies! it's obvious that we still need to stage an intervention! lol!! :o)
i have a stand mixer -- similar to yours, though my color is plain white (i think) we got it for christmas several years ago, and i don't know why i haven't used it more?? although, right now i'm boinking myself on the head -- i could make a quadruple batch of cookies pretty darn easily. ah ha, it all becomes crystal clear........