Sunday, October 8

A is for apple

Our Saturday scenic road trip to Avalon Orchards rocked! This organic u-pick apple orchard is located in Innisfil, Ontario, a bit far, but, totally worth it! We picked 10lbs of Freedom and 10lbs of Liberty (tough since there were few and the good ones high atop out of reach branches); the Nova Spy were a tad too tart for our needs: snacking, baking and pleasing jr cookie monster's daily cravings for sweet applles. We also bought garlic, onions, potatoes, squash, and a 'buy organic'cloth bag.

Better stop typing and go start prepping tonight's Thanksgiving dinner: beet lentil lasagna, roasted yams, mashed potatoes, apple crisp and pumpkin pie, plus add-ons from guests...

Happy, healthy, peaceful Thanksgiving to everyone.



Urban Vegan said...

The best apple of all is your adorable little apple.
What will you make with all those apples?

Vicki said...

Apple picking is so fun! Can't wait to see what you cook up -- those are some varieties i haven't heard of before.
Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to snap some photos for us. :o)

bazu said...

I can't get enough of apples. You are so right- they are the most gorgeous thing. And what a sweet picture of you with baby! Cuteness.

Harmonia said...

Sounds fun! Love the pics! Ontario...heard you got some snow yesterday, too! I'm not ready for winter. Blah! Have a great weekend!