Thursday, October 12

Holiness, Whole Foods & stuff

I'm not religious. I'm just one of those people that believes in nature's power to heal; I mostly look for hope in beautiful things like trees, bugs, a cloudy day, a homeade bowl of soup, a child's smile, a provocative ad on the side of a bus, or a nice cashier's hello. Last Sunday morning I woke up after a difficult night of taking care of baby girl. I was feeling tired, worn out, frazzled, and frustrated. I went to see my therapist: mother nature. As I pushed baby girl in the stroller I looked around the neighbourhood for a 'sign' that would make me smile, or remind me that 'this too shall pass'. Is this sign a 'sign' or what?

This past Wednesday I stopped by Whole Foods in Yorkville, before my visit to our family naturopath/chiropractor AKA healer extraordinaire. I bought 14 things and spent $76.96! Did I care, no, because now I finally get to try 'let's do...Sprinkelz' confetti and carnaval; flavorganics organic coconut extract; tried Sundia Watermelon Limeade, almost synthetic tasting at first, but sip after sip it becomes sooo refreshing!; and for dinner we got to eat one of my all time favourites from the deli bar: sesame tofu - it's very black peppercorns kind of spicy. Yummy!!

On Tuesday we were at Riverdale Farm again. Jr. Cookie Monster was again fascinated by the chickens. Since it's free to get in, I did my share to support the place by buying Hallowe'en themed cookie cutters: 2 arched-back cats, 1 pumpkin, 1 bat (my favourite), 1 swan, 1 ghost. The bat and the ghost produce the best results. Thanks to my mother-in-law's baking marathon, there are now dozens and dozens of naked sugar cookies patiently waiting in the freezer for their frosting + sprinkles dress up day.

The last few days have been cold, that kind of temperature that makes you go brrr, zip up your coat and wish you had a fuzzy hat on. Well, thanks to Peanut Hat, both my kidlets were warm, cute and fuzzy (**the picture is a model, not one of mine). These come in newborn, baby, toddler and you can custom order. Great colours and unbeatable prices $12-$16. Yes, I AM a walking billboard for these jr balaclavas because they are so darn colourfully cute and smart. The creator, Diana, is one smarty pants mom!

If you are a fan of hemp and/or chocolate and/or kick-ass Canadian protein boosts, you gotta try Living Harvest's Chocolate Chili Hemp Protein. Yes, run out NOW, and find thee some!! Thanks to Jasper Blake for the head's up! In case you've been living under a rock, don't know a thing about sports (or don't care), or have been busy minding kids let me introduce you to Jasper: he is a very talented and hard working Canadian triathlete who won Subaru Ironman Canada 2006.

Sorry I haven't been responding to your comments. Have been frazzled (there's that word again), tired (I know, I know, I should nap), and busy (can't help this), BUT, I am most grateful for your nice emails, they make me very happy. Please keep writing.

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bazu said...

That sign! I don't know whether to laugh or...laugh! And I know just how you feel about the trip to Whole Foods. I don't currently live near one, so anytime I have a chance to go, I buy probably a little more than I should. Those sprinkles would come in handy with all the cupcake baking I have a feeling I'm going to be doing soon! ;-)
Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, by the way. I'm just glad to be able to put something out there for fellow bloggers like you to see, since I love visiting your blog and learn so much!