Thursday, October 19

Smorgasborg of good things

Last night my friend S, and her two kids came over for dinner. Her husband is away on business for 6 weeks, so our plan is to dine together once a week during this time. We cooked up two Amy's Pizzas, and snacked on organic red grapes and green pepper. For dessert there was pear crisp (pears from my sister's backyard!), lemon poppyseed loaf that another mama friend dropped off in the morning, and ice cream. There are no food pictures, just a really nice warm feeling in our hearts about how wealthy we are in friendships.

Another great thing about yesterday was that when we got home from a midday errand there were three bags on the kitchen floor: 2 Valu Village and 1 Dollar Store. My mom has stopped by to drop off 'new' clothes for jr cookie monster and Hallowe'en decorations. We taped a three toothed pumpkin on the front door, and taped two other pumpkins on the front window. The house feels so festive...well at least to me since Hallowe'en is my favourite night of the year. My mom ALWAYS does such nice things for us. Gracias mami!

Special hello to Katharine, creator of Striving for Simple. Another great food/parenthood/organic living blog to add to my list of faves. I don't know how to 'screen grab', so, to 'show you her blog', here is a wonderful photo from her October 2, 2006 post (which I didn't get the rights to, but, er, um, I think she'll forgive me...)


Katharine said...

Forgiven, of course. Thanks for the nod. I'm curious about the Main St. Cardio link, are you local to me? We're in the beach.

bazu said...

I really hear you about the wealth in friendships. It looks like you have such a great circle of great friends and mamas for support and fun (and good eats!)
I'm going to go ahead and imagine your pear crisp in my mind... mmmm...

Village Mama said...

Hi Katharine,
yes, were in the Beach/Little India part of town. My addiction to MSC was due to the fact that they offer babysitting, and have an amazing varity of classes. Do you go there too?

Dear Bazu, I hope the pear crisp you imagined was yummy. My hubby said he liked it even better than the gabillion and one apple variations I've tried. He liked the pear's inherent sweetness. Can not wait for your Friday Food Round-Up! You're probably super busy prepping it. Good luck.

bazu said...

Hi again!
If I come across any pears, I know what I'm doing with them. =)
Oh, and I already posted the food round-up, because I'll be gone this weekend. Those things are so time-consuming (but fun) to post.
Have a great weekend!

Katharine said...

We probably live blocks from each other. We're near the new development on Queen. How ridiculous.