Monday, January 15

Jekyll & Hyde

My morning starts out fine: Nature's Path Hemp Plus Granola, Kashi, Hemp Seed Nuts in Yu Basmati Rice Beverage...just don't ask about the chocolate stashed in the stroller console ;-)

P.S. the egglplant story conclusion in two words: eggplant jerky


Jamie said...

So were you planning on making eggplant jerky? Is it bad? good?

bazu said...

I love Nature's Path Cereals.
About the Detox book, I've tried quite a few of the recipes (as you can see from my insanely long post!) and have liked most. Our favorite, hands down, is the veggie loaf, which made the house smell like a pizzeria, and so nutritious!
I just saw your comment about Giada, and it made me laugh. She tries SO hard to overpronounce Italian words, that she comes across as totally ridiculous. And her head is too big for her body! My husband calls her the alien!
Definitely let me know when you're going to be in NYC...

Village Mama said...

Jamie, I was NOT planning on eggplant jerky, I was hoping for something fleshier. My hubby passed, but I ate quite a few of the salty/tahini-brined eggplant strips - I'm a salt lovah, I wouldn't EVER make it again...

Bazu, I don't know why Giada tries so hard with the Italian words, she's Italian and I'm pretty sure she's fluent. I think she may be trying to Anglosize...I didn't read your blog in all it's beautiful detail - these days all I do is enjoy the pics and skim. I will definitely read for more details on the Detox book recipes.