Tuesday, January 23

sheirbah ma teh

Everywhere I look yerba mate (see the attempt at phonetic spelling in the title) is being touted as the next 'it' miracle elixir - like green tea. Since I'm from Argentina, and have tried many brands, both loose and in sachet form, I thought I'd recommend two: La Tranquera and Cruz de Malta.

Like any product, make sure you check the expiry date. To insure freshness, I'd stay away from ordering it on the net, if you can't find it, find someone who can. Here in Toronto there's lots of hispanic food grocers and imported food boutiques that stock these and many other brands.


bazu said...

We drink the Cruz de Malta- I think it's ridiculous to pay $7 or $8 for little flavored yerba mate teabags when you can get this huge bag of authentic stuff for only a few dollars!

We find it in the "ethnic" section of the regular supermarket.

I was so interested to read about your coffee habit! I think it's the ritual for me- making a hot steamy mug of something so delicious... it's soothing, isn't it? I miss my daily cups of earl grey and yerba mate... I'm going back to them soon. =)

Enariek Samoliek said...

Hi Guys!

I´m argentine too and if you want to taste the difference in yerba mate, just go organic. You will throw away the regular tea after that.
My favorite organic brand is "Titrayju", AWESOME!!!
You can find it here :

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