Friday, March 7

Travel: our counter-tabletops

A blogosphere postcard to say hello, hola, I miss you guys!

Been working hard committing recipes to paper so that I can complete my cookbook's manuscript submission by month's end. Some pictures from this week's mostly flour and yeast frenzies.

Have a great weekend - clocks turning forward and all!

Village Mama

PS I almost forgot a tiny gift I had for you, an oh-so easy, fast spelt flat bread recipe for you -- great for scooping up hummus.

* Pour one package of traditional active dry yeast into a tall glass. Add 3/4 cup of hot tap water plus 1 tsp of white sugar. Stir a few times. The foaming-chemistry-magic normally takes about 10 minutes.

* In a large bowl place 1 1/2 cups of spelt flour, add 2 generous tsp olive oil, plus 1-2 tsp sea salt, and finally pour your foamy, raised (woo hoo!) yeast. Depending on your mood, mix it up with a wooden spoon, until it's all sticky and all the flour's been absorbed or your bare/floured up hands. Then, cover your bowl with a plastic bag, place away from draft, preferably a quiet corner of your stove and leave for 30 minutes.

* Stretch your dough directly onto a greased cookie sheet. No need to roll it out like pizza. Just stretch it out as much as you can.

* Bake at 420 degrees F, for 15 minutes


amy t sharp said...

Love the postcard pop in
keep working hard!!!!

Shawn said...

good work ... keep at it. good luck!

ericandles said...

Saw your comment over at the swap site...yes, I hear toronto is very snowy these days. Spring has sprung in Vancouver...too bad spring is always rainy. Although I have to say, I love this city! But I spent seven years in ontario, too. So I have a soft spot for toronto. North van is lovely, do you come to visit family often? We are in False Creek. We live in a fantastic doesn't get any better. Looks like you are living well there too! Keep in touch. Who are you swapping with?