Wednesday, May 21

Fresh Ontario Asparagus #4080...

...these are the words printed on the white elastic that was wrapped around the asparagus bunches we bought yesterday. In the picture you see leftover quinoa, leftover tasty! tofu and one bunch EACH of steamed Ontario asparagus.

What is your current must-get at the market?


amy t sharp said...

ok- catch up
homemade bread and turkey burgers from the splendid table cookbook and corn
then, curry chicken rice and limeaid
and breaky for dinner too!

Natalie said...

Yesterday, walking through the produce stalls, I could actually smell the nectarines. Smell them! It's such a pleasure. I had to bring home some of those.

village mama said...

Amy, great catch up!

Natalie, you are SO fortunate to live in a climate whose bounty includes nectarines. Enjoy!!

Jamie said...

Okay-time is really getting away from me. Let's see if I can remember. Saturday-Caesar salad and baked potatoes. Sunday-chicken, baked potatoes, and peas. Brownies for dessert. Monday-The Pizza Factory (chicken alfredo pizza-we ordered in) Tuesday-spaghetti and meatballs (Mom and dad got food at Kneaders. I totally have the pregnancy excuse, right?). Wednesday-quesadillas, baked beans and brocoli.

blissbelly said...

strawberries are the market must have these days

whipped up a batch of hummous good with pita triangles, carrot and celery sticks and a garnish salad of tomatoes, parsley, toasted pine nuts and lemon. I don't like store-bought hummous...I like it not very garlicky and very creamy with tahini. good stuff.

village mama said...

blissbelly - lucky you to have strawberries, fresh ones! at your table now! enjoy for us who don't get them until June/July...if that