Thursday, May 22

Grimsby-Beamsville: Foodie Road Trip

All successful road trips are fueled by sustenance, 255 Logan Ave., Toronto.

'Yes please' to the almond croissant, scone, butter cream brioche, spelt & kamut loaf, slice of banana bread, 3 x mini blueberry bran muffins.

The final survey before we are certain we've ordered one of almost everything.

First sign we see upon arrival in Grimsby, but we're too full to even peek at their menu because of all the delicious road trip munching.

'Audie' named after one of the owners; it's a very large hot dog stuffed w/cheese and baked to perfection -- sometimes us vegetarians miss out on fun food...

Forks Road Pottery looks way to inviting to ignore.

Great displays abound.

Potters at work are listening to CBC Radio.

I chat to potter Marsha Cox about custom spinning a version of this bowl for Village Son (whose baking bowl I accidentally broke).

Pottery Painter Taryn's roomate baked her this cherry pie for her 21st birthday.

Rainbow of doors. Next stop: Beamsville

We do our tile warehouse errand, and then Village Papa notices The Vintage Cottage Cafe. 5407 King Street, Beamsville, Ontario, 905-563-3618.

Village Papa enjoys his Broccoli Cream Soup (Soup du Jour) and Egg Salad with Shaved Radish and Sprouts on a 9-Grain Ciabatta bun; I order French Onion Soup with Toasted Crostini and Melted Swiss. Gotta love the belly warmin' power of a good bowl of soup.
We are too content and full to order Rhubard Pie, I know: major foodie crime!

Hope you had fun on this surprise road trip!


Natalie said...

What a field trip.
Love all the sights.

Jamie said...

I love your foodie road trip! I want to go on one! Well yesterday we made swedish pancakes, eggs, and had green grapes and other fresh fruit on the side. Brinner (breakfast for dinner). Today we are just going to have corn on the cob and sandwiches.

village mama said...

Natalie & Jamie, thanks so much for coming along on the trip. Many more planned this week.

Any Toronto food shops/trips that you'd like to partake in? Three extra points!

Audie said...

Susana- thanks for posting The Depot Pub on your blog. We would like to invite anyone who is in the area to come and have a delicious Audie Dog- or come and sit on the patio with a cold Steam Whistle- Thanks, Audie