Tuesday, May 20

good cause

When Ghandi said 'be the change you wish to see in the world' he probably had no idea that come the year 2008 there would be some many choices to select from.

Some days I find it overwhelming deciding which way to change/how to be most effective as a human being/as a family; do we donate one very generous amount of money to one charity, or mere loonies to a whole bunch of them; do we only buy 'in season' produce from the farmers' markets (farmers whose names I don't know) or from local indie grocers (grocers who live in my 'hood) who sell produce from the farmers; how can I support a delightful local eatery (who adds so much value to our community) when I prefer to make food at home? Know what I mean?

Well, for those of us with an interest in breast and prostate cancer awareness, Work for the Cause offers us an opportunity to be effective with just a couple of clicks.

PLUS: if you mention the campaign on your website/flickr page/twitter etc leave me the link to your link in a comment, and I'll include you in the June 1st magazine draw, twice!


amy t sharp said...

great post!!!

Natalie said...

I can relate... there are so many *right* paths and good deeds, and so many ideas about which is best... some days it is overwhelming.

village mama said...

Amy, thank you so much for appreciating this one!

Natalie, glad a dear chica like you can relate.