Tuesday, May 27

homemade hummus

Here's last night's homemade hummus recipe, for variety here's another version too.

3.5 C cooked black-eyed peas (including some of the salty water they were cooked in)
generous drizzle olive oil
2 TBLSP tahina
4 large garlic cloves = garlicky
juice of 1 fresh lemon
couple pinches of salt (beans were cooked in very salty water)
3-4 minutes on HIGH in blender

Served it with rice cakes, rice crackers, alphabet pretzels, clementine juice for kids, beers for papa and mama. Village Papa exclaimed, 'wow, it's garlicky [paused, dipped couple more rice chips, sipped beer], but it's g-o-o-d'!


Shawn said...

Sounds yummy. I've been craving this oddly enough. I made a white bean dip over the weekend. Pretty good, but the tots didn't dig it.

amy t sharp said...

god I love hummus

village mama said...

shawn, can I pick your mama brain with a quick foodie Q: why didn't the girls like it?

amy, I too thank god for it.

Jamie said...

I'm not sure how many days behind I am AGAIN, but I'll tell you the last few days. We've had more spaghetti, grilled cheese, cantaloupe, hot dogs, Sunday and yesterday we had Chipotle Chicken and avocado sandwiches and today spaghetti again. And lots and lots of watermelon.