Saturday, November 1

local flavour @ Toronto Public Library!

Am so looking forward to checking out this library exhibit:
Local Flavour: Eating in Toronto, 1830-1955
Eat your way through Toronto’s gastronomic history at the library

Anyone interested in another homemade revolution contest? If yes, leave me some comment love, and I'll dream up a delightful prize(s) pack.


Laura at Wild Parenting said...

Since we (almost) never eat out due to allergies, I may as well throw my hat in! :)

village mama said...

Great to hear Laura - come the new year I'll start promoting the contest. You'll get *EXTRA* points for the comment love :-)

shannon said...

I just found your blog. I'm in the States and we're working hard on decreasing our eating out also. I want to trim $150 a month from our grocery/eating out (total food) budget because we're sending that to feed a family in Guatemala each month. I'm sure we can just cut it from our own overinflated food expenses!

village mama said...

Hi Shannon, thanks so very much for stopping by! I wasn't able to access your blog, can you invite me?

Yes, I'll post a contest in the early new year. I think trimming by $150 is completely realistic; having comraderie and new ideas helps. Happy Holidays!