Tuesday, January 27

homebaked with love

These are the beauties jr cookie monster and Village Papa decorated at i deal coffee's cookie decorating party back in December.

We are about to bake two batches of brownies this morning, one for friends who've invited us for afternoon play + dinner, the other one for us! We don't have a microwave (some background on why), so we melt the chocolate squares and butter in a small pan over, very low heat.

I promised a contest to get us going on our homemade food goals. So let's do it! The prize: a gently used copy of Vegan With a Vengeance. To enter, leave a comment on today's post, and let me know what presents you are going to bake, from scratch. Then simply leave a comment every time I post up until Feb 12. On Feb 13 I will put all your comments in a hat, and draw a name. Good luck!


Jamie said...

I can only think of one I want to do right now. For Valentine's Day I want to make homemade fortune cookies with our own little messages slipped inside them.

Poppy and Mei said...

Feeeeed me!
I've been staying away from the oven.
Too damn hot.
Do have a friend popping by next week though, might have to bake! XXxx